Terms of Service
Effective Date: November 2, 2023

Welcome to PearTree Window Cleaning Services!

Please take a moment to carefully read and understand the important terms and conditions of service outlined in this Agreement. These terms govern your use of the services provided by Peartree Cleaning Services, Inc, operating under the trade name PearTree Window Cleaning (“Peartree Windows.com”). By utilizing our services, you signify your acceptance and agreement to be bound by these terms.

1. Scope of Services:

Our services include but are not limited to standard window cleaning, track wipe down, and rain touch-up service, as well as any other services offered by Peartree Windows. Please note that standard window cleaning does not cover the removal of paint, hard water stains, adhesives, stickers, or glues, which can be addressed for an additional fee.


2. Service Limitations:

– Removal of certain substances like paint, hard water stains, adhesives, stickers, or glues may incur extra charges.
– Cleaning of certain tracks may require additional detailing and a supplementary fee.
– We make no guarantees regarding the removal of stains, blemishes, or soiling of any surface.


3. Safety and Customer Responsibilities:

You may be asked to move furniture or property items at the work site. If you are unable to do so, please seek assistance from a qualified individual. Any item not cleaned due to safety concerns will not be charged.


4. Environmental Safety:

Our cleaning products, including de-ionized water and window soap, are environmentally safe and pose no harm to your surroundings. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals used are available upon request.


5. Water and Electricity Usage:

Peartree Windows may use water and electricity at the work site to perform cleaning services.


6. Modification of Agreement:

This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, both written and oral, and any additional terms must be in writing to be valid. If a conflict arises between this Agreement and any additional terms, these Terms of Service will apply.


7. Limitation and Release of Liability:

– We are not liable for scratches to window frames, glass, or tinting film, except in cases of intentional damage.
– Our liability for property damage is limited to a refund of the amount paid for the cleaning service rendered.
– In the event of property damage, we may offer to replace or repair the property at our sole discretion.
– We are not liable for customer’s loss of profits, business goodwill, or other consequential damage.
– Property damage includes but is not limited to damage to windows, screens, personal property, roof tiles, foliage, or surfaces being pressure cleaned.


8. Return Check Fee / Late Fee / Attorney’s Fees / Liens:

– A $25 fee applies to all returned checks.
– Late payment incurs a $35 fee, and there is an additional 1.5% monthly late charge on overdue balances.
– In the event of any legal action, each party shall pay its attorney fees and costs.
– Peartree Windows reserves the right to record a lien for all unpaid balances.


9. Notice / Statute of Limitations:

Any claim arising from this Agreement must be brought within 90 days after it arises, regardless of any statutes to the contrary.

By using our services, you accept and agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you for choosing Peartree Window Cleaning Services!