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How we do it

We’ve strived to simplify our window counting process, ensuring it’s both quick and precise while offering a fair and competitive price. Our approach involves counting each window and door individually, rather than grouping them under a single overarching window casing structure.

To make the process even more convenient, you can simply take your phone, snap a picture of the siding where there are windows, count them, make a note of the count, and then enter the number of windows you’ve found into our online estimator.

Here are the most common styles among the many model options available, including slider door panels, casements, picture windows, windows with multiple small panes known as French panes, storm panels, and more.



 One window count

Single/ Doble Hung

How we count a storm window

Storm window

 *Removable Grids
**False Grids/Grids in between
Plated/Picture window
***Transom Window
* False Grids – the grids are in between of the pane of glass.

** Removable Grids – The windows that have grids but can be removed for cleaning and then replaced.

***Transom Window – a framed picture window that goes on top of a regular window, door, or sliding door…

 Two windows count


Two – Doble Hung

Sliding Glass Door

 Transom + Doble Hung Window

 Three windows count

Here you will see some samples of  windowcases whith more than two  windows

Three Doble Hung

Bay Windows

French pane window count


French pane windows by instance are a non removable grills and tipically each windowpane is the size of a hand. They are divided into distinct sections by wooden or metal muntins. These pane sections are counted individually and added to the quote.

For example: A house with 20 windows that has  24 windopanes each window, would result in 20×24= 480 panes.

French pane window

18 French panes

Specialty Windows 

        Garden windows


Bottom to Ceiling/
Retail store display


How should I count my windows?

A window might have more than one pane, like a double hung window. Rather than counting the panes separately, we count one window as the whole framed window.
However, a bay window which is composed with 2 or more double hung windows within the same window case/frame, we count the double hungs individually and not by frame.


What are French panes?

French panes are small grids/mullions, normally about the size of your hand, and they are a non-removable grids. To make the count easier, you want to count the total number of French panes within one window and then multiply that number with the number of windows with French panes.

For example:

One window with a total of 12 french panes x 10 windows = 120 French panes
Or one window with 18 french panes x 25 windows= 450 French panes

Are storm window counted per pane?

Storm Window are counted as whole section and not by each pane. In our form, the option “number of items with storms”  (meaning windows and doors) you want to put the number of windows and doors that have storms.

In case your property has a 4 season deck, please count the glass like a window count.

Does the size of a widow pane matter?

Whether you have a standard residential window or a sizable display window, as long as it’s not a specialty window, rest assured that size is not a factor affecting our pricing. Unlike many other companies that may vary their prices based on pane size, at Peartree, we firmly stand by the principle that the size of your window doesn’t influence our commitment to fair and consistent pricing.

Do I need to count both sides of the windows?

No need to count both inside and outside; you can choose to count either the inside or the outside of your windows. Just remember to count them individually by each window, avoiding counting them as a single unit or window casing.


What if I need just the exterior windows cleaned?

In our window cleaning service estimator form, we offer 3 different service options; Exterior only, Interior and Exterior, and Premium package. On there you choose the option best fitting for your needs.

Do you clean the tracks and frames?

This convenient feature is available with both our Standard and Premium packages, giving you the flexibility to include it in the service according to your preference. You have the option to select from three choices for the exterior tracks and frames: brushing, brushing and wiping down, or washing, ensuring a tailored approach to your needs.

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